How about a happy medium? “rent with option to buy” or “rent to own“, that’s what many undecided buyers are aiming at.

What’s The Truth About Renting To Own?

Depends on who you are renting and optioning to buy from, the reason I mention depends on is, in the matter the contract and agreement is written.

There are many forms of options, keep in mind there will be two agreements, one for the lease and another for the option to buy. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  1. Is the monthly rental payment going to be credited to the purchase?
  2. What will be the final price of the house at the time of purchase?
  3. Who maintains the property while being leased?
  4. Who pays taxes and insurance?
  5. Who makes needed repairs to the house?
  6. What is my down payment?

These are some questions, there are many more from where these start from. Nevertheless, I want to mention I have come across a large national company that specializes on RENTING TO OWN program, the process is simple, transparent and quick.

With their help, you can buy a home in a community you want to live in and lease the property for up to 5 years (in most areas).

You have the option of purchasing the home at any time during your residency.

You have the right to purchase the home or the option of walking away without penalty at the end of your lease.

Their program gives you the opportunity to realize the dream of owning your home. For more details email me at and I will be more than happy to send you a e-brochure on getting started.

If you are just looking to rent a home in the Central Florida area.

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